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Thailand, known for its hospitable people, is popularly called “The Land of Smiles.” Visitors cannot help feeling this joy and try to capture it for themselves by speaking Thai, no matter how incorrect their pronunciation. Thailand has a distinctive history, culture, traditions, and diverse cuisines. Additionally, it features evident infusion of many other cultures, as can be seen in its architecture, restaurants, pastimes and much more.

I got lost wandering through the city. Although I did not know the language, retracing my footsteps to the hotel proved to be a unique and enjoyable experience. Communicating through sign language with an elderly gentleman became a delightful adventure for me. It helped me realize how unnecessary a common language is when we can improvise with sign language and plenty of laughter of course! This experience certainly became a highlight of my trip. Goes to show that in Thailand, it makes no difference where the traveler comes from. Thai people feel obligated to ensure all their guests feel safe and are treated with love and respect.

I have been involved in many trade shows and have overheard people saying that Bangkok is a city to be avoided, as it has not much to offer except inconvenience. Yes, Bangkok has heavy traffic, large crowds of people, noisy tuk tuks, and pavements overcrowded with food stalls. However, this city contains countless charms that delight its numerous visitors! As a recent visitor of Bangkok, I’d like to share and unveil some of the treasures Bangkok has to offer. Starting with the food!

Bangkok Tuk Tuk

“Tuk Tuk” Taxis in Bangkok.

Experience True Royal Cuisine In Bangkok

Thai Fusion Dish Thai Dish

Have you tried true Royal cuisine? Royal cuisine does not mean overly elaborate dishes, but means the food features the best fresh ingredients and an elegant presentation! The food is even cut so a guest never has to use a knife. After such a dining experience, the distinction between food and cuisine will be clear. Not only can one experience true Royal cuisine in the city, but there are also so many activities to do!

Additional Adventures In Bangkok

Embark on a boat trip and meander through the narrow canals. Visit the ancient shops and even discover the secret lives of monks- who seek alms in hidden aisles and mazes of markets and in antique Bangkok temples. Perhaps spend an evening enjoying the magnificent Chinese Opera? I could go on and on, as there are countless things to do in Bangkok and in Thailand in general.

Bangkok – a city you cannot help but fall-in love with. Come and visit the beautiful city of Bangkok, where there is something for everyone and even if you get lost, remember it’ll be well worth it! Call us at (888)605-8687 for more details about our Thai Tours!

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