Mary Ann Hayre

I recently returned from a tour of India–Textile Tour with Deb Roberts. I must say I was very impressed. Having been to India several times before I know how difficult it can be to arrange anything, then make it happen. Your arrangements were always spot on. When there was supposed to be a bus, there was a bus; the bus drivers knew where to go; airline tickets were always correct; hotels were great (more about this later). I must congratulate you, your people in India were superb. Our guide, Balbir Singh Nar, wow, what can I say. He was patient, kind, knowledgeable and did I mention patient. Shuffling 15 women around could not have been particularly easy but he made is seem effortless, plus he was personable with a great sense of humor. A word about hotels: Delhi, The Met was a very nice hotel. Jaipur, Shahpura House was absolutely wonderful, a great experience in an old Indian mansion and much more fun. Ahmedabad, The House of MG, another great hotel. I think the experience of staying in a place like Shahpura House or the House of MG is beyond words to describe. Bengaluru, The Chancery Pavilion another world hotel like The Met…wouldn’t know you were in India. I offer my compliments to you for arranging the tour. I really enjoyed myself and saw parts of India I had not seen before. I will definitely keep your name in my mind for future trips.

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