The Orient

Visit The Orient 

   Discover mystical charms, fascinating architecture, natural wonders and electrifying cities of Asia with A Classic Tours Collection. Experience the sights and sounds of Southeast Asia as you travel down the Mekong from Cambodia to Vietnam, sailing the magical Ha Long Bay. Watch the sunrise illuminate Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s magnificent temple complex. As the intricate carvings and statues come to life you will marvel at one of the most extraordinary architectural creations ever built.
   Explore evocative Ho Chi Minh City and in Thailand, ride a colorful long tail boat past floating fruit markets to the Royal Grand Palace. Visit the sacred Emerald Buddha, journey the untouched Myanmar to experience the serenity of Inle Lake, observe life along the banks of the Irrawaddy River and watch the rising sun illuminate thousands of temples in ancient Bagan.
   Voyage through the Indonesian archipelago, travel through the verdant tea terraces of Malaysia, and finish with an indulgent spa break on a Thai beach.  Marvel at China’s silent Terracotta army and walking the Great wall, partaking in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies or witnessing royal changing of Guards ceremony in Seoul, Korea. Whatever you desire, let our experts deliver unforgettable memories on an Asia tour.

Small Group Escorted Tours

Small Groups… Maximum 16 to a tour

Small group size means you have more exclusive experiences, do more sightseeing and enjoy more opportunities to chat with fascinating residents of the places you visit. Each of our tours is custom-designed by our destination experts offering a balanced mix of sightseeing, traveling, cultural encounters, and free time. Tours designed for our guests that want a deeper, more authentic travel experience.

Most important, we limit our tour membership to maximum 16 guests –guaranteed, both for the freedom, flexibility, and camaraderie that small groups engender..

Guaranteed Departures.. More options

Tours are guaranteed departures with minimum 2 and maximum 16 to a tour. Average group size is 8 to 12 participants

Excellent Lodgings

Discover our handpicked portfolio of Boutique hotels & Eco retreatsUnique hotels that are rich in history, intimate and that draws you into a warm nurturing embrace. You can expect excellent service and amenities in these well-located properties.

Personal touch- Make the Difference

We believe personal attention is key to an outstanding travel experience, so we’ve ensured that it’s a hallmark of Classic Tours Collection. It starts with our travel counselors when you begin planning your trip then continues on the road with your tour director on an escorted tour or local meet & greet personnel and private guides. Our staff ranks among the best in the business; their love of travel is surpassed only by their desire to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with others. Traveling in a small group means your tour director will have more time to spend with you and more time to share the personal insights that can add so much to your experience. This helps make your trip genuinely special – and different from conventional tours.



  1. CHINA:

    Best of China – 11 days

    China’s Greatest Treasures – 11 days


    Thai Experience – 10 Days

    Treasures of Thailand – 11 Days

  3. MYANMAR (Burma):

    Golden Myanmar – 7 days


    Best of Indochina – 15 days


    Wonderful Indonesia –  11 Days

  • Private Custom Tours

    1. CHINA:

      Golden Cities of China- 8 days

      China’s Greatest Treasures – 11 days

    2. THAILAND:

      Amazing Thailand– 14 days

      Thai Impressions – 10 days

      Ultimate Thai Experience – 11 days

    3. MYANMAR (Burma):

      Golden Myanmar – 7 days

      Magnificent Myanmar – 12 days


       Coming Soon

    5. MONGOLIA:

      Nadaam Festival Tour


      Highlights of Vietnam– 9 days

      Best of Vietnam– 15 days

      Mystical Indochina– 19 days

      Grand Indochina- 15 days


      Beautiful Bali & Jogja – 9 days

      Best of Indonesia – 14 days

    3. MALAYSIA:

      Multicultural Malaysia – 10 days

    4. JAPAN:

       Coming Soon


       Coming Soon

    Call our Orient destination experts to tailor make a tour of your liking.