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With over 30 years extensive, first-hand knowledge of Indian sub-continent, Orient, Africa, Europe, South Pacific, South America, Mediterranean & Russia, we only offer tours to destinations that we have traveled to and know well. Dealing with us, you get first hand information on all destinations, expert planning and handling. The range of services offered by us include hotel reservations, transfers, tours, excursions, guide services, entrance tickets to tourist spots, arranging conferences, meetings, events, handling shore excursions for cruises and more.

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With over 25 years extensive & first-hand knowledge, we are experts in planning and handling tours to Indian sub-continent. The range of services offered by us include hotel reservations, transfers, tours, excursions, guide services, entrance tickets to tourist spots, arranging conferences, meetings, events, handling shore excursions for cruises and more.


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Our Team

Debika Sen

In an age, where trust has become the main ingredient in successful business relationships, Debika is very proud to have built a strong network of guests, who then refer her to their friends.With a strong knowledge of the travel business, Debika has helped many to a vacation that best suits their needs. Planning a trip is a rewarding experience for Debika and you will enjoy her sense of humor and charm. She has unique insight into travel to Asia and often comes with the guests on tours that amaze even the industry experts. Read more...

Madhukar “Mark” Sood

Mark leads many of our “Tours of Distinction” series while a select others are led by authors, photo journalists and travel writers. Read more...

Anshu Tejuja
Vice President

A young and dynamic entrepreneur who is extremely passionate about traveling and exploring new cultures making it a profession to render Travel Consultation and Planning 'your perfect holiday'. Read more...

Vice President- India Operations

Vidya’s purpose is to develop a lifelong relationship with clients visiting Indian sub-continent through his destination knowledge. His 25 years experience in the travel industry in India brings extraordinary value to the clients. Read more...

What Customers Say

  • The trip you arranged for us in Egypt was spectacular. The guides were great; they were very knowledgeable, cooperative, flexible and protective. In addition, the manager of your local office was very responsive to our desires, extending himself way beyond what was expected, to keep us company until we embarked on our journey home very late in the evening. I have spoken to many people about the excellence of your travel services and fully intend to travel with you again. The literature you provided about the history and development of the area and the sights was very informative and helpful in preparing us for each day’s exploration.
    Dr. J. FABIAN
    Jul./Aug. 2010
  • Now that we’ve been home for a few days and jet lag is diminishing, I wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time on our trip. It was everything I hope it would be and more. I was most interested in the historical sites and the temples and found them to be even more impressive than I expected. Our appreciation for you and the people you work with is great. We were very well taken care of throughout our time there The arrangements were all good and transportation generally went very smoothly. And, when there were slight problems, Vikram (I think that’s his name), from the Delhi office, was always there to help out. In particular we wanted to compliment our first driver, Ravi. His competence was amazing and he was extremely helpful and responsive to our requests during the whole time we were together and despite the extremely difficult driving conditions at times. The other drivers were also good but Ravi was exemplary. So, again, thank you for putting it all together.
    Jan. 2017
  • We had a GREAT trip. Will write more later but highlights: trip down Mekong, Vespa tour, cemetery at River Kwae, and our guide in Thailand was the BEST! You are the best.
    Dec. 2016
  • Hi Mark, A little review for u on the hotels: All great places to get a good sleep and all so far excellent breakfast and other food. The lovely hotel I’m in here in Siem Reap has a great location too. Can walk thru a lovely park complete with fruit bats high in the trees, to Nat’l Museum in a short amount of time and visiting the town is also walking convenient. Really good. Even though I have enjoyed and appreciated all of the Angkor temples I’ve seen, especially at sunrise, it brought to mind how amazing the Ellora and Ajanta temples are.
    BHUTAN: Went to 2 days of beautifully colorful ceremony (Thimphu Tsechu) to bless all sentient beings inside of their monastery, surrounded by welcoming people dressed in lovely wine red and rich gold. Positive energy so strong! I love the Buddhist instruments played at these functions. Next day the fire ceremony in the large courtyard next to the monastary. So much color as they paraded in. Everything about being there really has left a lovely positive presence around me. More festival action is ahead for the next couple of days. There is a lot of environmental work that is done here..the country is 70% forest, they log for lumber and do re-plant.The Royal family are planting many fruit orchards to benefit the people commercially (and other trees too) and work to provide funding and schools for the poor, done in conjunction with the leader of the colorful monastery mentioned above.
    Oct. 2016
  • We had a fabulous trip. Been meaning to stop by for a chat. Will try to make it by this week. The trip was absolutely flawless!!! Unbelievable!!!!
    M. BOR
    Sep. 2016