A Classic Tour Showcases Women’s Empowerment In a Never-seen-before Light.


SEPTEMBER, 2018: Los Angeles, California. Transformative tour operator, A Classic Tour, is expanding their unique tour offerings with the addition of a brand new experience showcasing India to women in a never-seen-before light – one of girl power – through their Women’s Empowerment Tour.

“After checking the current travel market, I was shocked to see different variations of the same offerings for women looking to travel,” says Debika Sen, Founder and President of A Classic Tour, “It was all the same – usually a European or Caribbean destination with the usual sightseeing, standard meals, spas, shopping and wellness programs. I did not see much – or nearly enough – substance regarding women, their impact on society and today’s world, and their growth through changing times.”

“I felt the need to design a tour, by women for women, where they can connect with women of a visiting country, understand their journey through life, their identities and the common threads that connect us all – regardless of culture or background.”

The tour focuses on women’s resilience, inner-fortitude and blind faith, all strengths Debika honed for herself growing up in India – a country not classically thought of as progressive when it comes to women’s rights – before moving to America and experiencing a completely different culture. Through these experiences Debika shares her unique worldview through a side-by-side lens of two worlds – one, where as a woman, your choices are made for you, and the other where you are given your own choices to make.

“I want to share my experiences growing up in India – whether it’s the caste system, ‘The Untouchables’ and the cultural norm of arranged marriages – to moving to America, becoming a businesswoman and navigating my way through modern American life. I’m proud to say I’ve designed my tour to do just that – tie in traditional culture with the way India is changing for women.”

Over sixteen days, tour participants are guided through eleven cities, including Chennai (Madras), Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram), Kanchipuram, Chidambaram, Darasuram, Thanjur (Tanjore), Chettinad, Madurai, Periyar (Thekkady), Kumarakom and Kochi (Cochin). Participants are exposed to a wealth of culture – visiting ancient temples and cities, seeing villages where mud is considered a god, the opportunity to visit an Ayurvedic doctor and even hearing from local women who share their experiences of life in India and the challenges of running a business.

Tour staples are splashed in between cultural doses, with participants able to sample tantalising food and wine, local markets, fresh spices and experience complete relaxation with spa and massage treatments.