Women- Why We Should Know Our History

“Woman? Very simple, say those who like simple answers: She is a womb, an ovary; she is a female: this word is enough to define her. From a man’s mouth, the epithet “female” sounds like an insult; but he, not ashamed of his animality, is proud to hear: “He’s a male!” –The Second Sex, Simone De Beauvoir.

Women’s roles in various societies has changed where, for instance, a woman was a priestess, a queen, warrior, chose her own husband or lived with a man without conformity, including a political leader. A woman is much like a chameleon, changing in accordance to the political climate. During the course of history, women compromised their identities to satiate men’s ego. Understanding how a particular culture treats their women can be enlightening. Let us embark on an adventurous journey, unfolding the evolution of Indian women in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Why The Women’s Tour?

Recently I completed a scholarship program through Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses followed by a telephonic conversation with Joe Max Higgins Jr. of the Golden Triangle Development LINK. Participation in the Goldman Sachs program led me to a greater identification with women’s issues.

This experience inspired me to build a travel experience on the theme of the progress of Indian women. Accordingly, I devised a thematic Woman’s Tour through Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Knowledge and Growth

What does it mean to be a woman? Sometimes I have felt that getting a satisfactory answer to this question has eluded me. As I designed this trip, I came to appreciate more fully women’s resilience. Our amazing inner strength, our steadfast, and phenomenal faith that we will prevail.

Working on this itinerary has changed me. It has helped me realize my inner strengths, gain self-respect and become a stronger, more empowered woman. I believe you’ll discover feeling these same effects while experiencing the Women’s Tour.

Meet Inspiring People

The tour examines women’s roles through the centuries and their place today in modern India. In every city we visit, we will meet with women who have faced many trials and tribulations and are now making a positive impact within their own society.

As an Indian woman myself, I designed a tour that emphasized meeting and conversing with a variety of Indian women. In so doing, we will learn so much about the Indian woman’s journey. How she once lost her way, and is now well on the road to regaining it. As we retrace her steps, we’ll come to understand what empowerment and inspiration means. This discovery should assist all of us to sharpen our insight into what it really means to be a woman.

In addition to all of the above, Enjoy the incredible sightseeing, yoga, meditation, shopping, nature, and delicious food that India has to offer! Learn what it means to be a women, meet inspiring people and embark on the trip of a lifetime.

Come join me on this incredible travel experience for “women” who are ready to take on the challenge for a life-changing experience! Be inspired by a journey of empowerment. Call the number below today to learn more!

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