At A Classic Tours Collection, our greatest delight is tour planning and designing handpicked trips that will enrich your life and not only show you new beauty, but also teach of other ways of life. That is why we have recently curated our newest trip – The Women’s Tour of India.

India holds the unique status in the world as the first nation in the world, during the early Vedic period, where women were at par with men in all aspects of life. She was educated, chose her own husband, opted to be in a live-in relationship, a priestess or even a queen who led her army to battle!

As we travel our way through Tamil Nadu, discovering the ancient Dravidian culture, visiting temples, amazing and inspiring women in her many roles as daughter, sister, wife, mother and of course – revelation of her own identity within her community! A state so rich in history, arts, culture, cuisine, literature and dance, we will get a glimpse to Tamil Nadu’s rich legacy such as classical arts, classical music, classical literature, magnificent religious sites, multi-religious pilgrimage sites, historic buildings and multi-cuisines.

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